Beau's All Natural Brewing Co. has a unique take on beer. We believe quality comes from using the best ingredients and superior craftsmanship; it does not come from a science lab.

Nestled in the heart of Muskoka, Muskoka Brewery handcrafts premium beers as unique and refreshing as the region they're from. This delicious beer is available on tap when you come for a visit.

We’re proud to say that our beer has been craft brewed in Ottawa right from the first batch and we plan to keep it that way. It is a local beer with so much character. All our ingredients come from local farmers.

Our Olde Fashioned Cream Soda is a classic representation of the flavor with a more health conscious approach to the recipe. The first thing you will notice is that our Cream Soda is not pink, we don't use any artificial colors in our sodas. A lot of the flavor comes from our use of vanilla bean and the sweetness is represented with real cane sugar.

True to the principles stated by our founders in 1894, five generations of farmers and craftsmen have worked to maintain St-Albert’s long tradition of quality. Our productive environment, unfailing cooperation and unrivalled know-how have earned St-Albert an unsurpassed reputation.

At Spearhead, we believe in beer's unlimited potential. We don't adhere to the limitations set by traditional style definitions. We use unusual ingredients and brewing methods to make all-natural craft beer in small batches that is so distinctive and delicious we hope it cannot be judged by ordinary standards.

Flying Monkeys will strive to be known as an authentic company that always adds originality to the evolving beerscape of Canadian craft brewing.

Steam Whistle Pilsner is characterized by a floral hop aroma, sweet graininess with distinctive grassy notes, and balanced by a clean, crisp finish and pleasant lingering bitterness.

We are a new Ottawa Brewery with 35 years plus Publican experience. Family run, Friend enjoyed. The Ashton Brewing Company.

Broadhead Brewing company got its start in a basement. Two local Ottawa lads - Josh Larocque and Shane Matte - were dead set on learning to make their own beer. After some early hiccups (who knew you had to grind the grains?) the beer actually starting tasting pretty good. So good, in fact, that Josh and Shane kicked around the idea of opening their own brewery.